Little Tiny Tigers
The vision for our football academy is to make difference in children’s lives by providing an inspiring, professional and exciting environment, for children of all abilities.

As an academy, we set high standards, expectations of ourselves, and the children in our programs. We understand that every child is unique, develops physically and psychologically at a different time scale.

This aspect is often overlooked in children’s sporting programs, we recognise that individual attention to a child’s skills and rate of development is incredibly important.

Our Little Lions program looks to encourage age 4 and above in learning the basics of football skills, develop balance, coordination and confidence with the ball while having fun.

1-First session is FREE.
We want you to be able to experience, what we do without you having to commit to anything up front. Spaces are limited to 4 per session, so be quick if you haven’t been along before.

2-Joining fee.
Check registration fee page

check registration fee page

  • What should my child wear to Little Tiny Tigers?

For our inside sessions some trainers and active wear clothing will be fine. For our outside sessions, it is all weather dependent, clothing similar to our inside sessions will be fine.

  • Can I join Anytime?

Yes, you can join anytime but registering is for a season from July – June.

  • Can we pay as we go?

No – we can allow coaches to organise their sessions with the right numbers each time.

  • Can I drop my child off?

No- this is no allowed, parents must be present at all times.

  • What happens if I don’t show for a session?

Our little lions programs can be quite busy and are limited numbers. If you have a session and don’t show up you will unfortunately be charged for the session as we could have given this session to another child.

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